An Easy Way to Find and to Treat the Problems Inside the Body

Dr. Nancy Zhu

    More than five thousand years ago, the Chinese discovered certain points on the body which -- when punctured, pressed, or heat -- had a beneficial effect at the painful site and on certain diseases. Gradually, through trial-and-error and sharing of experience, more and more points were discovered, and Chinese developed acupuncture and acupressure techniques not only to alleviate pain but also to influence the functioning of certain internal organs.

    foot points Except for the body points, the Chinese also noticed that many points on our ears, feet and hands were able to influence the functioning of the related organs. When there is an imbalance in an organ of the body, tender points will be found in the corresponding areas on the ear, feet and the hands. These findings help us to find out and to treat the problems inside our body. The recent studies (Norman & Laura, 1999) showed that crystallized calcium deposits tended to accumulate over the nerve endings where reflex points are located . Pressure on these points would break up and dissolve the deposits.

    In this paper, I would like to introduce Foot Acupressure Point Charts to our readers. This reference chart will help you find these trigger points that help to diagnosis and treat the inside problems.

    Finding and treating the inside problems by pressing soles of the feet

    The technique to be introduced here called Reflexology, a form of therapeutic foot massage that has been widely used in West. It is based on stimulating the nerve ending on soles of the feet which trigge benefits to the corresponding organs or areas.

    How to find the problems

    On the Foot Acupressure Point Chart (click HERE or the picture for details), you can see toes represent areas and organs of the head and neck. The internal organs locate in the middle of the soles, and the musculoskeleton system locate around the edge of the sole. When there is an imbalance in an organ of the body, it will register in the corresponding areas of the feet, for example, if you had respiratory problems, you would find some tender spots on the "lung area" while you using a stick to press it; another example is that people who eat a lot of processed foods and who do not get enough exercise may have many tender spots on their feet. This indicates that the glands, organs, and nerves are in poor condition and that there are blockages in the body.

    How to treat the problems

    Using your finger or a stick to give between 3 and six pounds of pressure on the tender points. Your first reflexology treatments should be a maximum of twenty minutes long. This can be repeated as often as every other day for the first week. Gradually work longer on the points or areas that need special attention, namely the most tender spots. As you gain experence, you will learn how to adjust the pressure and begin to relate these points to specific body parts by referring to the reflexology charts.

    Foot massage is especially good for arthritis patients as well as for the elderly, sick, or disabled. It simply feels good, and relaxes and rejuvenates the entire body. It improves the circulation so that toxic materials held in the body can be released, benefiting the blood, organs, glands and nerves.

    If you have any questions about practicing these acupressure techniques, please don¡¯t hesitate to contact Dr. Nancy Zhu at 604-464-6523

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Acupressure unblocks the obstruction at the channels, and re-establish the regular Qi flow through the meridians. After the blockage removed, the pain will be relieved.

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