Anemia Red Date Tea: 1 boiled egg, 30 dried red dates(Hong Zao)*, dried longan pulp(Long Yan)* 30g, 6 cups of water, cook 1 hour. drink every day instead of coffee or tea. 
Other suggestions:
Eat more Beef, pork liver and red meats
Bronchitis Three Fresh Drink:Fresh Tunip 250g, Fresh Lotus 250g, 2 Chinese Ya Pears, Liquefy with blender, then add honey 250g
With Yang symptoms like thirsty, yellowish sputum or warm hands and feet etc: Drink it in raw
With Yin symptoms like cold hand and feet, white sputum etc: Steam juice for 30min then drink it.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 1.Weak with symptom of easy short of breath (Qi deficiency):
Ginseng Tea: Ginseng(Ren shen)* 6g, Astragalus Root(Huang Qi)* 60g, Wild Yam(Shan Yao)* 50g, Barky Matt Sugar(Yi Tang) 30g, water 8 cups, cook 1hr.
2. Weak with pale face (Blood deficiency):
Lotus Porridge:Fresh Lotus 250g, Chicken 450g, Fo Ti 50g, A Jiao* 30g, glutinous rice 100g, 7 bowels of water cook about 1 hr.
3. Weak with thirsty and Warm hands and feet (Yin deficiency):
Turnip Porridge:Turnip 250g, Lotus seeds(Lian Zi)* 20g, Sesame 30g, Rehmannia Root(Sheng Di)* 10g, Ophiopogon tub(Mai Dong)* 10g, Lycii Berry(Ji Zi) 10g, glutinous rice 100g, 7 bowels of water cook about 1 hr.
4. Weak with thirsty and cold hands and feet (Yang deficiency):
Lamb soup:Lean lamb meat 200g, Walnut meat 30g, Fresh Ginger 6g, Broomrage(Rou Cong Rong)* 30g, glutinous rice 100g, 7 bowels of water cook about 1 hr.
Chronic Constipation Walnut Tea: Walnut meats 30g, Sesame 30g.Crush them into powder, mix with 1 cup of cold honey water. Drink with empty stomach. Once a day.
Other suggestions:
1. Eat a lot of fruits (esp. banana) and vegetables
2. Drink salted water in the early morning
Chronic Diarrhea
(e.g. irritable bowel syndrome)
Digest cake:Wild yam(Shan Yao)* 60g, Fried Dolichos Lablab(Bian Dou)* 60g, Lotus seeds(Lian Zi)* 30g, Lily Bulb(Bai He)* 30g, Euryable Feror Salisb(Qian Shi)* 15g, Coix Seeds(Yi Yi Ren) 30g, Astracalus Complanatus(Bai Ji Li)* 12g. Crushing all foods into powder, mix them with ground glutinous rice 1000g and sugar 50g, then add water and stir into a batter. Steam about 1hr. Eating as snack.
Cold with symptoms as running nose, headache, scare wind and cold, no sweating, whole body aching and tired Ginger porridge: Fresh ginger 10g (cut in thin slices), glutinous rice 75g, 2 pieces of green onion (just use the bottom white part), with 3 bowls of water cook about 1 hr, eat twice a day
Cold with symptoms as sore throat, coughing with yellow or green sputum, thirsty, fever without scare of wind and cold Chrysanthemum(Ju Hua)* porridge: Dried Chrysanthemum 10g (crush them into powder), glutinous rice 75g. Cook the rice with 3 bowls of water for about 50 min, when the porridge nearly done, add Chrysanthemum powder, boil for about 1 more min, eat twice a day
Insomnia Insomnia with thirsty and frustration:
Wheat Date Tea:Wheat grain 30g, Lincorice Root(Gan Cao)* 10g, Lily Bulb(Bai He)* 15g, Chinese Date(Da Zao)* 10pcs, Sour jujube seed(Suan Zao Ren)* 10g, Rehmannia Root(Sheng Di)* 15g. Cook 1hr with 5 cups of water.
Insomnia with stress:
Sour jujube seed porridge:Sour jujube seed(Suan Zao Ren)* 30g, Biota seed(Ba Zi Ren)* 30g. Cook these seeds for 45min, Drain the tea out, Add glutinous rice 150g and Lily Bulb(Bai He) 15g to the tea then cook till it becomes porridge.
Diseases More therapeutic menu is coming